June 29

TireMoni webshop in a new guise


As of today our TireMoni webshop is appearing in a completely new design and it presents itself fully mobile-responsive. You can therefore use the TireMoni online-shop in the same design appearance across all devices without any functional limitations – finally…

The design is held closely related to the tiremoni-website design, so that there is a recognition value between both shop and website. At the same time the design has been optimized for short response and quick loading times, so that the user experience can be as spontaneous and free of delays as possible.

Before releasing the new design we have extensively tested all the functions. Nevertheless it may be that small errors fell through and can still occur. If you happen to come across any problem with the new shop, please help us fixing that by alerting us via email (contact form) or giving us a call. You can best reach us in the mornings (09:00 – 13:00) at +49 9099 966 4966. Thank you very much for your consideration.

We are looking forward to hear your comments and feedback.



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