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Tyre pressure monitoring for caravans and trailers pays in many different ways:

  • Correct tyre pressure reduces your petrol consumption. On average by 5% – according to tyre manufacturers. That does not sound like a lot, just imagine that in the future you are filling it up for 1.09 instead of 1.15 – thats nice, isn’t it?  And at an average of 6200 mls per year and 40 mpg you can save GBP 40.- year after year. Are you doing more than 6200 mls? And your mpg is lower? Take 25000 mls and 35 mpg and you get GBP 190.- – Your amortisation time will be around nine months for your investement in a TireMoni.
  • You will also increase your tyre mileage. According to studies by Bridgestone and Goodyear by almost 10% – averaged across all drivers. Guestimate tyre cost of 100 GBP per year (a new set of tyres every 3 – 4 years) you can add another GBP 20.- saved.
  • Environmental protection: 5% less CO2 and 10% less tyre waste is not much for the individual, but in total with 35+ million cars on the road the effect is noticeable to say the least.
  • Safety: Optimally maintained tyres (= permanently monitored tyre pressure) will provide optimal handling and optimal safety. Furthermore tyre pressure monitoring systems (the ones that actually show pressure values) will provide an early warning for tyre issues. Thus you get up to 30 minutes additional reaction time if and when anything should happen.
  • Information: You know almost everything about your car: battery voltage, petrol level, oil temperature, outside temperature, cooling water temperature, etc… It is just the tyres, which carry the whole load and represent your only contact to the road that you do not know anything about – TireMoni delivers this information. Relax.
  • And for you trailer operators: It is only with a tyre pressure monitoring system that you have a chance to get to know early enough when anything goes wrong with your tyres.

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Also have a look at our special combination offers: A TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system and the PREMIUM-SEAL tyre repair kit are a win-win combination for your safety.

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