August 11

TPVMS has arrived: now enhanced safety with TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring systems!


At Automechanika, Frankfurt TireMoni has presented the TPVMS, the world’s first tyre pressure monitoring system, that measures not just tyre pressure and temperature but also vibration.

Direct measuring tyre pressure monitoring systems or TPMS measure “only” pressure and temperature in the tyre and are capable of giving the driver an early warning in case of a pressure loss. This alone improves driving safety and helps prevend accidents. TPVMS with its patented sensor technology however can do a lot more than that.

TPVMS can also measure vibration that the sensor is subjected to during the ride. Thus the system can also alert the driver when abnormal situations will lead to increased vibration or imbalances of the wheel or tyre. Among these are flat spots, deformation or cracks in the tyre profile or sidewall or in the rim, too much imbalance, pick-up damage, etc.

Verifiably most accidents caused by tyre problems are the consequence of predamages of the tyre and/or insufficient tread depth. Most of these causes can be detected in the early stages by analysing the sensor vibration; a driver alert can then prevent such accidents.

The new TireMoni TPVMS is the first tpms equipped with this feature and provides an even greater contribution to improved driving safety.

To make this tyre pressure monitoring system as versatile as possible, TireMoni offers it with internal sensors, as well as with external sensors which replace the valve caps. Both sensor types feature replaceable batteries, i.e. when the sensor battery runs low, there is no requirement to replace the complete sensor, but instead a new battery can be fitted.

A current TD-1800I/X TPVMS datasheet is available for download as PDF.


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TireMoni webshop in a new guise
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