January 26

TireMoni tpms brings you money


A TireMoni tpms will repay itself quite fast. Driving with the right tyre pressure reduces petrol consumption. Tyre manufacturers claim savings of 5% and more. That does not sound like much, just imagine that in the future you are paying 101.4p instead of 106.8, thats nice, isn’t it?

And with an average of 8.000 mls per year and a petrol consumption of 33,6 mpg you are saving 45 pounds, year after year. Your mileage is higher? and your consumption, too? At 25.000 mls per year and 37 mpg you are already saving 170 pounds which pays for your TireMoni in full after less than one year.

At the same time you gain with a TireMoni tpms

more miles per tire. Studies by Bridgestone and Goodyear are showing values of around 10% – for the average motorist. Calculate with yearly tyre cost of 100 pounds (i.e. a new set of tyres every three to four years) there is another 20 pounds saved.

Environmental protection:
5% less CO2 and 10% less tread wear are not much for the individual, but if you add up the numbers for more than 35 million vehicles on the road the effect is not negligible anymore.

Optimally kept tyres (= permanently monitored tyre pressure) are providing optimal handling, performance and safety. In addition a tpms (one that shows actual pressure values that is) can serve as an early warning system for tyre problems. This gives you up to 30 minutes more time to handle unforseen issues coming up.

You know almost everything around and about your car: battery voltage, petrol level, oil temperature, outside temperature, motor coolant temperature, etc… However about your tyres which are carrying the whole weight and form the only point of contact with the road surface you have no information – TireMoni closes this gap and delivers this information at all times. This is soothing.

And for you trailer operators: It is only when you have a tpms that you have a chance to notice early enough when one of your tyres is starting to make trouble. Even before the trailer starts to dance and lurches.

Visit the TireMoni Online-Shop now and find a suitable TireMoni model for your car, transporter, trailer or bike. Please also note our specials and package deals: A TireMoni tpms in combination with a PremiumSeal tyre repair kit is the win-win combination for your safety.


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