TireMoni TM-260 basic settings (until 10/2016)

TireMoni TM-260 (until 10/2016)

Here you can see how to setup the TM-260 (until 10/2016) in three easy steps.

1. Set Units: Bar-psi-kg/cm-kpa and °C-°F

First step is to set the desired measurement units:
for tyre pressure: psi, kpa, bar, kg/cm
for temperature: °Celsius (C), Farenheit (F)

2. Set Car Type: Number of wheels and axles

Second step is to select the required vehicle type, i.e. number of axles and wheels per axle.

3. Set Threshold: Make it warn when YOU want

Finally the warning thresholds for pressure (Hi- and Lo-threshold) and temperature need to be selected for each axle so that your TireMoni warns you at the pressure and temperature levels you want for your warnings.

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