Tyre Safety: The Best all-around Protection with Test-winner Combo-Pack

tpm-systems, ADAC test winner with their tyre pressure monitoring system and Premium-Vertriebs GmbH, whos puncture repair sets PREMIUM-SEAL are ADAC test winners, too have laid the groundwork for a close strategic cooperation.
With the products TireMoni CheckAir and the PREMIUM-SEAL AIO Comfort Plus both companies provide their customers with maximum safety standards. As a consequence combining their products gives the user the best possible safety solution for cars and transporters as well as recreational vehicles and campers. The combo delivers a hefty price advantage, too. The environment profits in more than one way.

In Germany alone there are more than 1000 accidents with injuries each year caused by failing tyres, accounting for 60 casualties. In the USA this amounts to 10.000 accidents with 400 casualties. What makes a roadside dangerous is the fact that the driver cannot choose where to stop when a tyre fails. Another problem is the stop time or exposition time which is unneccessarily long in most cases. In the worst case the driver is forced to stop on a heavily used road and must change a tyre at the side that is facing heavy traffic. The combination of TireMoni and PREMIUM-SEAL is an effective prevention agains both those issues.

Both solutions are easily applied. The TireMoni CheckAir receiver is placed inside the driver cabin. Valve caps are replaced by wireless sensors. From then on you can see each tyre’s pressure on the screen and you can monitor it. A pressure loss is not only displayed but the monitor also warns the driver with an acoustic signal. Warning thresholds can be adjusted by the user during the installation process.

In case a pressure loss should occur, the driver normally has more than 5 minutes of reaction time and during this time can safely find a suitable stopping bay. With PREMIUM-SEAL AIO Comfort Plus he needs no more than 2 minutes for a passenger car and 4 minutes for a transporter to be able to continue his journey with a temporarily repaired tyre. Punctures by objects up to 10 mm diameter will reliably be sealed. Later on the tyre expert removes the latex-free tyre sealant within 3 minutes with cold water and can then decide if the tyre can be repaired technically and according to legal regulations. In this situation the value of the partnership between PREMIUM-SEAL and TireMoni becomes very clear: A tyre can only be repaired if it has not been damaged by a longer period of driving it with too low pressure.

In addition to the user the environment profits from this cooperation in may ways: Driving with the correct tyre pressure can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. According to DENA (German Energy Agency) across the whole traffic in Germany this figure averages at 2%.
Weight and space of the spare wheel can be saved. Tyre life increases by up to 30% and is not prematurely ended by using a latex based tyre sealant. With PREMIUM-SEAL even its disposal can be easily done with cold water without any agressive chemicals.
While tyre pressure monitoring systems are mandatory for new cars in the USA, a similar regulation in Europe is in its preparation.
ADAC states that a requirement to fit all new passenger cars and trucks including trailers with tyre pressure monitoring systems is long overdue.
By combining PREMIUM-SEAL and TireMoni Checkair car owners can upgrade their vehicle to the highest standard of safety even today.
It is not only by immediate savings – which also benefit our environment – that this bundle pays for itself. If you reuse your spare tyre in your next tyre change, the investment cost for the product is almost fully returned – added safety is priceless while almost free.
The TireMoni – PREMIUM-SEAL combination is available at your local dealer or online via shop.tiremoni.com or at Amazon UK.

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