Michael Schröttle

New Manuals for TireMoni TM-130 available for download

There is a saying in German: “Wer lesen kann, hat mehr vom Leben.” which means as much as: if you can read, you get a lot more from life. For this reason we have published a new user manual for the TireMoni TM-130, that complements the Quick Start Guide in the package and describes all … Read more

TireHawk Smartphone tpms wins SEMA 2012 Award

We are happy to learn that our manufacturing partner Josn Electronics brings home another Award from this year’s SEMA in Las Vegas. SEMA 2012 was held in Las Vegas (30. Oct. – 2nd Nov.) and it is THE the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the USA if not worldwide featuring 12 segments and drawing … Read more

I am my own tyre manager

We are supposed to use centralized providers – or so those wish who profit from centralisation. Electricity by central providers, water, gas, oil from the big suppliers and then best use as much energy as possible so that those providers can deliver plenty. Times have changed. There is plenty of opportunity nowadays to regulate our … Read more

We have a new address

TireMoni, i.e. our company tpm UG has moved offices and has a new address as of immediately. You can now find us here: tpm UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Gewerbepark 26 D-86687 Kaisheim Growth sometimes causes pain, this is nothing new: Unfortunately due to our move we can currently not be reached either by phone nor by fax … Read more

Are low-rolling resistance tyres really better?

Everyone seems to talk about low-rolling resistance tyres and if you read and listen to what’s written and said, you could easily get the impression that thes new technology will be the answer to any (environmental-, pollution-, traffic-, noise-, cost-, …) problem that there is. What is easily forgotten within all the hype is this: … Read more

Optimal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for Large Motorhomes

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TireMoni TM-260 is mainly used in motorhomes and caravans where it can be retrofitted fast and easily. It can monitor 4 to 10 wheels per system; tyre pressure values are permanently shown on the display device in the vehicle cockpit – when anyone of the user-configurable thresholds is triggered, the … Read more

Tyre Pressure Charts for Passenger Cars

If you don’t know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, you can always look it up in a tyre pressure chart. Tyre manufacturers are listing their recommended tyre pressure in those charts. It can make sense to adjust tyre pressure to your own driving characteristics and to experiment a little. The optimal pressure for … Read more

Tyre Safety: The Best all-around Protection with Test-winner Combo-Pack

tpm-systems, ADAC test winner with their tyre pressure monitoring system and Premium-Vertriebs GmbH, whos puncture repair sets PREMIUM-SEAL are ADAC test winners, too have laid the groundwork for a close strategic cooperation. With the products TireMoni CheckAir and the PREMIUM-SEAL AIO Comfort Plus both companies provide their customers with maximum safety standards. As a consequence … Read more