Month: January 2015

TireMoni tpms brings you money

A TireMoni tpms will repay itself quite fast. Driving with the right tyre pressure reduces petrol consumption. Tyre manufacturers claim savings of 5% and more. That does not sound like much, just imagine that in the future you are paying 101.4p instead of 106.8, thats nice, isn’t it? And with an average of 8.000 mls per year … Read more

What? Installing a tpms, so fast?

As you can see in this video installing a TireMoni tpms will only take a few minutes; and it is as easy as childs play, too. However, please read the installation instructions containes in every TireMoni package or can be downloaded from TireMoni recommends installing short metal valves along with your first time installation. … Read more